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Whether you are investing in property or relocating your business, the purchase or lease contracts are critical to success. Real estate contracts and leases are lengthy, confusing and full of legal jargon. Problems large and small are common, such as title defects, inspection issues and misunderstandings about what amenities and services are included. Let me walk you through the process from start to finish. You will be informed and empowered.

Here Is What You Can Expect from Me:

  • Explain the terms and conditions of the agreements and how they affect you and your business

  • Assist owners and operators in connection with the acquisition, leasing and operation of their properties and businesses

  • Suggest important optional terms and special contingencies that provide greater protection

  • Work hard to negotiate the best agreements possible

  • Help you work through problems when they develop

Moving Your Business?

What Your Broker Won't Tell You:

  • The standard form agreements and leases are probably not best for your situation

  • Leases and contracts are usually negotiable despite what you might be told

  • My job is to help protect your interests and your money, not try to break the deal

  • Brokers cannot offer legal advice about the agreements or problems that may arise

  • Once the agreement is signed, there is no right to cancel unless it is written in the agreement.

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