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Business Law Attorney in Norwood, MA

Guiding You and Your Business Towards a Successful Future

Your time is valuable. As a business owner, or someone trying to start a new venture, you have more important things to do than worry about forming your entity, preparing contracts, negotiating leases, focusing on compliance and formulating shareholder agreements.

My clients find these are a huge distraction. Let me serve as your trusted advisor and confidant to personally manage your legal concerns. Services include:

Business Formation:

Entrepreneurs have an idea and run with it. As a skilled attorney in Norwood, Massachusetts, I will work diligently with you to see that idea come to fruition in a smooth, efficient, and stress-free way. I can help you with many different aspects of starting your business, including:

  • Helping you choose the proper type of entity — corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship

  • Choice of state — Massachusetts, Delaware

  • Draft, prepare and file formation documents

  • Write your bylaws and other governance documents

  • Draft and negotiate shareholder and partnership agreements

Effective Guidance For Your Business

Essential Documents and Services:

Your documents are what make up the legal core of your business. I'll take you through the steps to ensure every base is covered and no stone goes left unturned. I can help you with any of the following matters:

  • Prepare non-disclosure, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

  • Draft employment agreements

  • Negotiate commercial leases

  • Prepare vendor and client contract drafting, review and negotiation

  • Write web site terms of service and privacy policy

  • Assist with trademark and copyright issues

  • Determine applicable regulations and ordinances

  • Review and implement compliance initiatives

  • Advise on strategies and ongoing legal issues

Conflict Resolution:

Disputes and conflicts within your business are inevitable, so the only way you can be truly prepared for the situation is to work with a skilled attorney that knows how to reach a positive resolution while keeping your best interests a priority. I can guide you through any of the following matters:

  • Manage claims and litigation

  • Guide through negotiations and mediations

  • Assist with lawsuits and arbitrations

  • Pursue collection of accounts receivable

Next Steps

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